Iranian painting, being a blended word, indicates some sort of painting which has appeared during centuries in the land of Iran. This kind of painting, called miniature by the western researchers and scholars, has a deep and fruitful history. The high values attained by the artists of this course are the result of their prolonged effort which has passed through the depth of the history. Iranian painting, being considered as a practical art among the pen works, includes an exclusive extent. Sub-divisions as various schools in this sort of painting like Illuminating, Tashiir or adorning (animal and flower paintings around a calligraphy for more beautification) and different performing methods which are each, taking the pictorial traditions into consideration, in relation with Iranian art on the one hand, and that they have followed their own conditions on the other hand, are all from the same category. By a total glance, considering its own pictorial possibilities, we can say that Iranian painting has followed a particular concept which has taken painting inspirations to a world beyond nature floating it in an abstract and spiritual manner through which one can follow the inward meaning and concepts getting to its fact via nature realities.One of the historical schools of Iranian Painting Art is Isfahan School. This method of painting which includes jobs of the artists of Safavid period is one of the most important painting schools of Iran. The artists of this period, using their own religious conceptions, are all of the honors of not only Iran but of the world. They have set to create works which from delicacy point of view and pictorial values are considered as the unique paintings of the world. At the present time, having changed to an artistic base in Iran and to active city in various artistic courses, Isfahan is presenting new experiments and artists to the world; the artist who in the fields of the Iranian painting are still busy with creating valuable works and presenting new manifestation to this city.                                                                                                         

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Miniature art - Persian miniature painting - Woman and a bird

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